Case Studies

Radisson Blu

Accordial manufacture an enviable range of acoustically rated movable partitions that are certified in independent UKAS accredited acoustic laboratories. Nevertheless, it is becoming more prevalent for customers to show an active interest in the actual on-site acoustic attenuation performance of partitions in their acoustic room environments. This is emphasised by Radisson Blu Hotel, East Midlands Airport who appreciated that the positive performance associated with our products can be an additional marketing tool to help promote their conferencing and meeting facilities.

As a result, Accordial’s in-house acousticians conducted a series of acoustic tests on various room configurations on the movable partitions fitted within both the Wheatcroft and Donington suites in the hotel. The laboratory rated 52dB Rw PremierWall systems proved to be effective barriers between rooms with optimum results being achieved between source to receiving room transmission loss. Clearly, this is underpinned by the unconventional configuration, but commercially viable arrangement of rooms, which includes an empty room between two movable partitions where an outstanding 65dB Dntw was achieved.

Subsequently, a full acoustic report has been submitted to the hotel which is complemented by a series of room configuration acoustic performance indicators. This provides the hotel with a method of measurement to match client’s demands with an environment that satisfies their objectives. “We always have been confident that the movable partitions provide a good level of acoustic separation between rooms” states David Clark, Radisson Blu Meetings and Events Sales Manager. “With now having a method of measurement, we can better promote our facilities to potential clients and give them confidence in the services that we can offer.

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