Full Production of SoundFlex Products at Loughborough

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce Accordial Manufacturing Ltd as a specialist manufacturer and supplier of acoustic panels under the brand name SoundFlex.

Accordial have significant experience in the manufacture of standard and bespoke acoustic products which has been gained over a number of years. This is now supported by significant investment in new technology at our Loughborough based manufacturing facility which enhances our capacity and production capability. Our strengths include the ability to offer a range of absorption products as well as offering technical assistance & design services provided by our IOA accredited Acousticians.

Standard SoundFlex products include;

  • Drilled panels
  • Continuously slotted panels
  • Routed panels
  • Intermittently slotted panels

SoundFlex products are supported and certified at UKAS accredited facilities such as Salford University and British Gypsum’s Building Test Centre.