Perforated Sound Absorption Panels

For those projects looking for additional sound absorption, Accordial Walls offer a range of perforated sound absorption panels called SoundFlex®

SoundFlex Sound Absorption Panel SoundFlex Sound Absorption Panel

SoundFlex perforated sound absorption panels are a range of aesthetically pleasing wall mounted absorption panels. These perforated panels provide good absorption properties over a wide range of frequencies which makes it an excellent catch-all solution.

SoundFlex sound absorption panels are constructed with a drilled or slotted face which is fixed to the structure incorporating acoustically transparent fleece and a mineral wool filled air gap to enable maximum acoustic integrity of the product.

SoundFlex sound absorption panels are available in wide range of designs and finishes to enhance any room environment. They are high quality and performance absorption panels that create an effective environment in a multitude of uses where sound reverberation needs reducing.

A full range of UK test certificates are available on request, SoundFlex is the registered trademark of Accordial Group Holdings


Panel Faces
  • Drilled or slotted perforations
  • MDF, chipboard or plywood core
  • Maximum sizes: H 3000 x W 1200mm
Face Finishes
  • Melamine faced
  • Painted to RAL specification
  • Real wood veneers
  • Virtual veneers
Core Board Classification
  • Class 3 – Standard
  • Euro Class C (formally class 1)
  • Euro Class B (formally class 0)
  • Panel thickness 9mm – 18mm
  • Acoustic black liner
  • Openly transparent fleece
  • Mineral wool inlay
  • Drilled holes: 6.4 -12mm
  • Routed holes: 12mm and above
  • Slots (3mm): 50mm – 300mm
  • Routed slots: 6mm and above
Panel Edging
  • Edge banding to all edges
  • Thickness: 0.8 or 2mm
  • Matching: face finish
  • Corners: square butt joints
Guide Frequency Range
  • Low: 100Hz – 315Hz
  • Medium: 400Hz – 1250Hz
  • High: 1600Kz – 5000Hz
  • Speech range: 500Hz – 3000Hz
Test Reports
  • To BS EN ISO 354: 2003