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Is your movable wall, operable wall or sliding door partition not working correctly?

Our question and answer guide below is intended to help you identify what may be wrong with your movable wall or sliding folding wall partition.

Click on any of the questions below to find out the cause of your problem and how it can be rectified.

  • Q.

    My panels are digging into the carpet when I move them. Can they be adjusted up?

    Possibly. Wall systems are designed to have an exact clearance at the top between the panel and the track, and a specific clearance at the bottom between the panel and the flooring. If the panels have come out of adjustment and are too close to the floor, they can be adjusted back to the proper top clearance.

    If the panels are not out of adjustment, there may be more serious problems such as a heave in the floor, an improper measurement made at the time the panels were manufactured or a sag in the overhead support structure. Only complete diagnosis with laser levels and the manufacturer’s original clearance requirements can identify the real cause of the problem.

  • Q.

    My winding handle turns freely without operating the top and bottom seals.

    If your winding handle is going round and round with no effect on the top and bottom seals, its likely that the winding socket is worn or damaged and will need to be replaced.

    Alternatively, it's possible that the internal mechanisms connecting the winding handle to the seals have failed and will need repairing. If this is the case then a 2 man team will need to remove the panel from the track and taken apart so that the mechanisms can be worked on.

  • Q.

    Why are my panels so difficult to move?

    If your panels are hinged together in pairs, a cleaning of the track and lubrication of the trolley wheel bearings will typically keep them moving smoothly (as long as they’re not dragging the floor).

    If your panels are individual (no hinges) they typically have to negotiate through various intersections in the overhead track to get between their storage pocket and their "set-up" location. These intersections are the major cause of panel movement problems. We can clean, adjust and lubricate most intersections to improve panel movement. Some tracks have true 90 degree corners in the track that are notorious for problems. If the 90 degree intersections are damaged they might need to be replaced.

  • Q.

    My panel's aren't level when they are set out. Can they be re-aligned?

    Yes, panel re-alignment is part of our standard service package

    It's important that the panels are level as they are putting uneven pressure on the operable top and bottom seals. Overtime, this will gradually reduce the ease of operation of your system, not to mention leaking sound between the rooms.

  • Q.

    Sound is leaking through the panels. Can the acoustics be improved?

    Firstly, we would need to determine why sound is leaking through the panels.

    If its an operation issue, such as the operable seals not working correctly, then these can be repaired/replaced as part of a service visit.

    If its a design issue, then we can either increase the acoustic properties within the panel itself. For more information on this, please see our Sound Absorption Products section under the Other Services section.

  • Q.

    Can the quality of the sound proofing of the partition be measured?

    Firstly, we would need to determine why sound is leaking through the panels.

    Yes it can be tested under certain conditions. Please refer to acoustics testing section under the 'Other Services' header for more details.

  • Q.

    Why can I not get my panel out of the stacking area and into the main run of track?

    Either the blocks in the track have been dislodged or the carrier has moved. This will need an emergency visit.

    Please call 01509 611 203 during our normal working hours (Mon-Fri 08:00-17:00) or 07976 441 480 / 07976 291 874 for all other times.

  • Q.

    The telescopic seal is not making contact with the wall. Why is this?

    Either the seal has not been wound out far enough or the inner mechanism needs to be repaired.

    You can arrange for a complimentary, no obligation site survey from your local area sales representative to visit and determine the extent of the problem.

  • Q.

    The track appears to have dropped in places. Is this a health and safety issue?

    This could be down to structural problems or loose fixings. Full diagnosis of the problem will involve a visit from a trained engineer who assess the void above the track to determine the cause


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