Accordial Group invest in future technologies

Added 17.05.13

As well as being the only UK based manufacturer of Acoustic Movable Partition Walls to have our own on-site Acoustic Laboratory, operated by IOA (Institute of Acoustics) accredited acousticians, Accordial have made the leap into digitally visualising sound utilising the Norsonic 848 Acoustic Camera.

This cutting edge technology visually displays sound levels over a live feed from a room, this allows building structures and installation of a partition to be examined and any acoustic weaknesses identified. Unlike traditional BS ISO 140:4 tests which provide a performance value (dB) for an installed partition in a room, this visual representation of the sound allows for leakages and flanking transmission paths to be clearly identified. In turn this will allow the Alco Systems to make an acoustically stronger installation improving the acoustic performance in the rooms our products divide.

The Groups Development and Manufacturing Director, David Bolton said:

"This is an extremely exciting period for Alco Systems, it is thanks to our close links to local Universities that we have been able to fully utilise this cutting edge technology and hope these partnerships will help us improve our products in the future."

Closing the final panel in the run creates the acoustic seal providing privacy for the occupants of both rooms.