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Acoustic Testing

  • Q.

    What is sound insulation?

    Sound insulation is the property of a wall or a floor to resist the passage of noise.

  • Q.

    Why is sound leakage important?

    If you are hiring out two rooms next to each other where sound leakage is evident then people will be able to hear what is going on the adjacent room. This will affect future business and client satisfaction.

  • Q.

    What is sound insulation testing?

    Sound insulation testing' is a method of measuring and quantifying the amount of noise reduction achieved by an acoustic partition wall and the surrounding structure between two conference/meeting rooms.

    Running an acoustic sound insulation test on a partition wall will reveal the flanking areas that need acoustic improvement.

  • Q.

    What will be involved with a sound test and how will we benefit from this?

    We will need access to all rooms and will need all areas to be free from events and people. All our equipment is designed to be moved around easily and quickly to minimise disruption. The test will show the areas of sound weakness. This may not be the wall but the baffle above and below the wall or services running through the opening. A test will pinpoint which areas need to be improved on.


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