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Bring your wall back to life with an Accordial NUFront.

Is your movable wall tired and shabby? Does its appearances affect what your customers and users think of your facilities? Is it affecting the use of the room and its acoustic performance?

You do not have to replace the wall in its entirety to improve its aesthetics and performance.

We have two options that are both cost effective and easy to do that will revitalise your wall and create the ambience you want that is in keeping with the rest of the surroundings and existing facilities. In particular the Hotel and Meeting Room market.

We can either change the existing face board for a new one which means dismantling the panel either off site or on site, taking off the old face, replacing the old face with a new one from our full range of Duhospan Melamine colours and imitation wood patterns or we can provide a BRAND NEW stick on covering from a limited range of colours where we just add a 3mm or 5mm acrylic sheet or hardboard to the face to cover up the old tired system and breathe new life and a fresh look without putting a large hole in your bank balance.

If you choose the cheaper hardboard and it works for your wall then this can be painted or wall covered to suit your needs. Why not have a free survey via your local Area Sales Manager and a no obligation quotation? You might be surprised at the figures we give you!


Refurbishment of your building may result in either relocation of existing walls, renovation, new panel faces (NU Fronts) or major repairs.

Refurbishment can be covered by NU Fronts and Relocation above but a cheaper alternative is to recover the existing faces with a wall covering or a similar material. This may be what you had in mind when you decided to refurbish your Hotel or your meeting rooms.

We can help because we have a wealth of experience in Movable Wall Manufacture that gives us access to all types and makes of new finishes that will make your wall brand new again.

Muraspec, Textura, Stretch Fabrics, Graphics, Carpet, Pin Boards, Wipe Boards and Digital Print are some of the options you could consider. We have huge stocks of materials of all manufacturers, makes and types with experienced engineers who can turn their hand to any wall and come up with the best solution for your environment and your design. Let us give you a free survey and quotation.

Note of Caution: When you lay a new carpet or floor and it is to be thicker than your existing one then the gap underneath your panels and seal clearance may be at risk. We can, in most instances, raise the panels or if need be adapt the wall by cutting the boards and seals to the new required size.