For those projects looking for additional sound absorption, Accordial Walls offer a range of panels called SoundFlex®

Accordial Wall Systems introduce SoundFlex®, a range of wall-mounted absorption panels to enable the reduction of reverberation time by dissipating the sound energy, which complements the sound insulation provided by our acoustic movable walls
SoundFlex® absorption panels come in a selection of designs and finishes to enhance any environment. They are lightweight, high performance absorption panels that create an effective acoustic environment in a multitude of uses where sound reverberation needs reducing.

Technical Specification

Panel Faces Face Finishes
  • Drilled or Slotted face perforations
  • 9mm MDF or chipboard core
  • Drilled Max: H 2400mm – W 1200mm
  • Slotted Max: H 3000mm – W 1200mm
  • Melamine Faced to standard range
  • Painted to RAL specification
  • Real wood veneers
Construction Perforations
  • Overall panel thickness: 24mm
  • Peripheral frame construction
  • Reinforced with horizontal batons
  • Open weave acoustic fleece
  • Mineral wool inlay
  • Holes: 6.4mm – 10mm diameter
  • Parallel or offset hole
  • Slots: 3mm thickness
  • Intermittent slots
  • Specific designs: variation request req
Guide to Frequency Range Panel Edging
  • Low tones: 100Hz – 315Hz
  • Medium tones: 400Hz – 1250Hz
  • High Tones: 1600Hz – 5000Hz
  • Speech range: 500Hz – 3000Hz
  • Edges: All edges
  • Thickness: 2mm or 0.8mm
  • Matching: not always an exact match
  • Corner detail: butted square finishing
Test Reports   Panel Weight

To BS EN ISO 354: 2003

10Kg per Sq.m

SoundFlex is the registered Trade Mark of Accordial Group Holdings