Case Studies

The Sage, Gateshead

Added 02.04.13

Accordial were excited to rise to the challenge of designing, manufacturing and installing what Arup stated as ‘one of the most advanced movable walls ever to be installed in the UK’. The partition is positioned on the stage to form a backdrop, however there were a number of obstacles in the design that a standard movable wall could not deal with.

To ensure that the aesthetic appeal was not compromised at the expense of acoustic performance we employed a unique reversible finish of soft Hessian sound absorption board with a veneered hardwood finish to the other side. Our Research & Development Unit designed a one off edge profile using a ball and socket joint which not only allowed the panels to be reversed but also complimented some twenty three acute angles within the head track to enable the wall to form a semi-circle.

The next requirement of the client was an ability to control airflow on the stage, specially designed louvre shutters in each panel meant that the movement of air was easily controlled and adjusted.

In summary Accordial have achieved what the client asked for, a reversible screen that could either absorb or deflect sound with a minimum of effort at a size that other companies could not contemplate.

It was Accordials’ firm belief that their specially adapted PremierWall system is the only system in the UK that could rise to such a technically demanding challenge and satisfy all aspects of the specification. This has been borne out in the feedback received from Norman Fosters and Partners and we are currently working with Laing O Rourke on a system of similar proportions at Coventry Arena Football Stadium.

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