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PremierWall Guards Spoon Dragon at the Millennium Gallery

Added 12.07.13

The Millennium Gallery in Sheffield is one of the top ten gallery visitor attractions in the UK which is no mean feat for a provincial city outside of London. It hosts exhibitions on arts, design and champions the steel industry, the silver smith industry that Sheffield is famous for. There are also art collections on display and this is a beautiful building in a very central and attractive part of this thriving city.

Accordial have had a long establishment with the Gallery providing new walls made at our Loughborough factory to house the art collection. These walls had a unique floor supporting mechanism so they could carry the extra weight of exhibits and had a steel mesh inner construction to prevent people from attempting to cut through the panels to steal pictures!

After servicing these walls regularly for many years Accordial were asked to provide three walls to close off areas within the building to ensure pedestrian access was controlled and best use of the space in the corridors was provided to enable areas to be better utilised. This has been successfully done and DDA Compliant Inset pass doors have been fitted and one of the walls now guards the entrance to the famous 11 year old Spoon Dragon which is a symbol of the Sheffield steel industry and creative design of the students who use the nearby University.

Accordial had to meet strict deadlines and work through the night to complete the work and not disrupt the public use of the building during the day.

Nick Booth the Operations Manager in charge was impressed with the way the task was completed and the final result has provided the Gallery with much needed extra flexibility of the space.

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